What to pack in your changing bag?

I don't know about you but I get so many comments about my changing bag... more specifically about how heavy or big it is.

When you first have a baby, there are so many products that you may need, you acquire a mountain of things. Sometimes you are left wondering if everything is as essential as a baby cream, or what do you need on a daily basis in your changing bag.

Parent carrying a bag with baby essentials, including a baby cream.

Over the past nearly 5 years of being a parent, I have packed the changing bag more times than I can imagine so thought I'd do a helpful list on what I found to be essential items in the changing bag if you are pregnant or expecting a newborn.

Parent and baby having fun on beach.

What to pack in your changing bag.

1. Bottles of milk if not directly breastfeeding.

We found the ready-made cartons are much easier and more convenient when out and about instead of taking separate water and powder and having to mix them. But do note, the cartons have a more ‘laxative’ effect than the powder so bear that in mind.

2. Breast pads

If you are breastfeeding. the leaky boob is not a good look ;) I have been caught out many times before and it’s hard to disguise, especially with a light coloured top on!

3. At least one muslin.

So versatile and essential for winding your baby unless you like the 'thrown up on' look ;) These can also be used as a blanket and if your baby has a cold.

4. Foldable changing mat.

This won’t take up much room in the bag but means you can pretty much change a nappy anywhere!

5. Nappies, wipes & nappy sacks

Sounds obvious but the amount of times I have left the house without them would have you questioning whether I am even a parent! I now try to restock as soon as I get home from a day out so the bag is ready to go the next morning and I don’t have to think about it.

6. Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

Nappy rash can cause lots of pain, so protection is key. I apply a baby skin cream, such as Bepanthen, at every nappy change to help protect against the causes of nappy rash!

7. A change of clothes - for those poop explosions!

8. A dummy or comforter if they have one - you never know when it might just help settle them!

These are really all the essentials you need for a newborn.