Bepanthen helps put nappy rash to bed

Bepanthen helps put nappy rash to bed

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At Bepanthen we understand that there is nothing more precious than your little one, and we are doing our best to help you protect your baby’s delicate skin. A newborn baby’s skin is 40% thinner and also softer than ours1. It has a higher pH level, which makes it more sensitive to irritants2. This means it requires extra care and protection on a daily basis.

How to protect your baby’s bum with Bepanthen

Almost every baby develops nappy rash at least once during the first 3 years of life, it is incredibly common!3 The best way to deal with it is to prevent your baby getting it in the first place.4

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As well as ensuring your baby always has a clean dry nappy when you put them down for the night, give their skin an extra layer of protection at bedtime with a quick application of Bepanthen’s Nappy Care Ointment. Night time is when your little one is most at risk, being in the same nappy, exposed to wee and poo for up to 8 hours. Bepanthen Ointment forms a moisturising, breathable layer, protecting even the most delicate skin of premature babies from the causes of nappy rash.
It cares for your baby’s bum with pro-vitamin B5, which gently aids the natural recovery of the skin whilst keeping it soft and moisturised.

Bepanthen is the only leading nappy care product that meets all the 9 Gold Standards5 of an ideal nappy care product. It is free from fragrance, preservatives, colours and antiseptics and clinically proven for babies’ delicate skin.

Keeping your baby’s skin soft, smooth and moisturised as part of your own unique bedtime routine can help you and your baby on your way to a good night’s sleep.

Nappy rash is the most common skin complaint developed during infancy5
Up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies have nappy rash at any one time4
Newborn skin is highly sentive and 40% thinner than adults


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Voted Best Nappy Cream by Parents!

Voted Best Nappy Cream by Parents!